Magical Services

Cocktail Parties

Most private parties begin with an hour or two of guests arriving and needing a little ice breaker. This is the perfect time for a magician to perform what is referred to as “walk around” or “strolling” magic. I mingle with your guests, entertaining them with magic so close they can reach out and touch it.

Most importantly, I know just as much about how I can help my hosts as I do about magic. When the guest of honor needs a minute alone, or the kitchen is running behind, I’ll keep your guests happy and distracted while you work your magic behind the scenes. If a group of wallflowers refuse to speak with anyone, I can step in and give them an icebreaker. I’ve created one-off effects for VIPs with disabilities, I’ve helped get difficult, drunk party guests out the door without a fuss, and I’ve facilitated introductions that turned into lifetime friendships. With my magic, your party will go smoothly, and most importantly, it will be remembered fondly.


A close-up performance consists of effects performed within arm’s reach of the audience. The advantages of close-up become clear when performing at a cocktail party, wedding, or the like. See below.

Parlor & Stage

For an event that has planned stages, like a company party, a presentation, or a rite of passage, a parlor or stage show is ideal. The distinction between parlor and stage is that a parlor show is generally aimed at smaller groups (30-60 people) whereas stage magic is aimed at much larger crowds.

When performing for a smaller group, as in a parlor show, the material chosen is much more intimate, since the audience is capable of seeing everything more closely. A stage show is organized around a much larger, and therefore more spread out audience.



Weddings are a wonderful venue for magic. Weddings have many guests, all in a good mood, but many who do not know each other and may need a little push to really mix. Depending on the structure of the wedding, I would recommend either a close up performance before the ceremony, or during cocktail hour just after the ceremony. The stars of the wedding should always be the couple getting married, and for that reason I do not recommend stage or parlor magic for weddings.


Some occasions call for close up entertainment while your guests relax. I perform both table hopping (consisting of five to ten minutes of magic for each table at a banquet, between courses while no one is busy eating) and table magic (seated at a table, before or after the meal). This consists of close-up and mental magic, done within arm’s reach, and is perfect for small gatherings.


Whether you are working on a play that requires the actors to be trained, a film that needs a special effect, or a piece of art that requires an illusion, I’m exactly who you need. I consult for stage, screen, and the art world, teaching, creating, and helping my clients achieve their goals.

I taught actors to appear to be card sharps, to perform illusions, and to use the tools and methods of magic to augment other types of performance. I crafted special effects for film, directed other magicians on camera, and overseen the editing of films with magicians, to ensure the integrity of the illusions, while maintaining the integrity of the films. I even created a 21st century take on a Victorian illusion in the oldest house in New York, one so effective, it had people believing the house was haunted.

Whatever you need done, I will find a way to make it happen.

A quick note:

Magic V. Mentalism

There seems to be some confusion among my clients about the difference between magic and mentalism. Magic and mentalism are the same methods presented in a different manner.

These terms are nothing more than artistic distinctions like jazz and rock ‘n’ roll.

Each is a different premise of a performance, like the powers of Spider-Man; he can do things like a spider, not things like a wizard or a psychic. Most of my act is about highlighting the intelligence, creativity, and intuition of my audience, not my own powers. In support of this goal, I perform a blend of mentalism and magic, without adhering to either the mold of the “psychic” or the mustachioed magician. Of course, if you would prefer a show that is either just mentalism, or just magic, that can be arranged.